Our magnificent medieval church building is more than 600 years old. Every five years it is inspected by our qualified church architect to identify and report on remedial work needed to restore and maintain the building fabric, for now and into the future.

The works identified are prioritised by our architect and this year, 2019, we are commencing a major project called ”Restoring the Chancel”.

The Chancel

Repairs are needed to the lower roof timbers and gutter of the chancel, including the water-damaged internal plasterwork on the north wall and cleaning of the wall mounted monuments. After this the internal walls will be redecorated.

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Water Damage in the Chancel

Exterior Work

In addition, essential external repairs to the eroded stonework of the lower church walls and to the perimeter surfaces round the base of these walls, will be undertaken to help keep the church weathertight.

Where are we financially?

We have raised over 50% of the budgeted costs and, subject to further funding bids, we expect to complete the project in 2020.

Preliminary inspection and reporting of the damaged chancel gutter timbers by a timber specialist took place in February 2019, which will enables our architect to prepare a full specification for the whole project. This will allow tenders to be sought for the works and further bids for external funding to be submitted.

We will endeavour to keep you up to date in the comming months.