Little Saints

Our Children's group, Little Saints, meets every week except Celebration communion all-age services.

We spend the first half of the service together playing games, doing crafts, hearing the gospel, praying together and exploring our faith and re-join the congregation to share communion.

Diddy Disciples is Bible storytelling, prayer and worship especially for babies, toddlers and young children. We aim to create a space for children to encounter God for themselves, inviting them to discover, explore and take an active part not only in telling Bible stories but in all forms of Christian worship. We use movement, imagination, our faces and bodies, symbols, creative activities, music and song to encourage and enable young children to participate fully.

Youth Group

Young people are a valued part of our church community. We get together once a month or so with young people from other churches in our town to eat pizza and talk life, faith the universe and everything! Trips out are also part of our time together.

The wellbeing and safety of everyone who comes to All Saints is of paramount importance. We have a policy document that covers both Children & Young People and  Vulnerable Adults.

For those who would like to see this policy document visit our Safeguarding Policies Page via this link.