All Saints is registered with Easy Fundraising so that it can benefit from your on-line purchases without you giving us a penny directly. All Saints Loughborough is a charity and so it can benefit in this way.

By using the Easy Fundraising site to access your normal on-line retailers a portion of the money that you spend with them, typically better than 1.5%, is ‘donated’ to All Saints.

What do I have to do? It is easy. Just go to the Easy Fundraising website ( and create an account for yourself – it is easy – honest. Having done that you need to link your account with the church. This is done by searching for “All Saints Loughborough”. There is a bit of information about our church so you will know it is the right one you have selected.

After this, each time you want to buy something on line go to Easy Fundraising first and then go to the website you normally shop with using the link provided.

What stores are available? Well it is a Who’s Who. Tesco, Asda, Amazon, John Lewis, PC World, Halfords, and those are just a few of the major stores. Other places that you can purchase services through are also well known such as and even trainline.

Please give it a try and help provide funds for All Saints that would otherwise not come our way.

Since we have been registered with Easy Fundraising we have enableed the church to benefit to the tune of £256. Currently there are only 18 people registered to our cause. Please think about using this painless method of helping All Saints.

We have created a document for you to see how easy it is. Click on here to see a step by step guide of registering with Easy Fundraising.

Go on! Give it a go!