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Martyn Davison


Martyn Davison Reader

Martyn Davison hails from Malvern in Worcestershire. At age 10 he became a chorister at Malvern Priory.  After school he trained at a Marine Radio College in North Wales and in Bristol  and spent just under 5 years as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy travelling the world (including one circumnavigation of the globe). During this time he worked with Indian, Chinese and English crews mainly on Tankers.  When he and Helen married he took a post teaching the Radio College in North Wales. 

In 1969 he and Helen moved to a village outside Loughborough and he worked as an Electronics Technical Author in Derby writing handbooks for a wide range of equipment including an Electron Synchretron Accelerator, mobile Laser Range Finders, Medical Lasers, Locomotive traction electronics and designing and implementing a touch screen electronic handbook system. Later his area of activity moved to Consulting on an emerging international standard for Technical Handbooks and latterly working for a company involved in software for Technical Authors using that standard. 

In the village he became active in church life and this continued when the family, now with three boys, moved to Loughborough and joined Loughborough Emmanuel church.  It was during his time at Emmanuel with increasing involvement in day to day Church Life, including Bible Study Groups and Evening Praise services, that he became interested in Lay Readership. After three years of training he was licenced in 1990 at Leicester Cathedral.  

In addition to numerous local involvement at Emmanuel church, including services, marriage preparation and home communion, he visited many Churches in the Deanery to take services when requested. His activities outside the parish included two periods of membership of the Leicester Association of Readers Council. During his employment on site at large companies he often took part in Christian Fellowship meetings. 

During an Interregnum at All Saints he was happy to get help out in taking Evensong Services which took some pressure off Derek Hewitt’s shoulders. At the age of 70 Lay Readers have the opportunity to continue their association with a parish by becoming a PTO (Permission To Officiate) which he was eager to take up.  

From a very traditional start in his Christian Life, e.g. very High Church, followed by time in a Cathedral Standard Choir and then time in a relatively Evangelical Church, Martyn now also appreciates and espouses a more contemplative style of worship and after a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne an interest in Celtic spirituality.  In addition to the Church choir, Martyn also sings in a choir in Whitwick which gives several concerts each year. He also enjoys driving his Morgan Sports Car. 

Today you are most likely to see Martyn taking an active part in the Choir and taking part in the Parish Communion service as Deacon or preacher.  He particularly enjoys Choral Evensong services.