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What is a Christening?

For infants and children a Christening service is a celebration of their arrival and the new life of joining a family. Parents and Godparents make promises on behalf of the child and through baptism make a commitment to bring them up as followers of Jesus Christ.

For adults the promises of baptism are made for themselves and mark a moment of public commitment to the Christian Faith.

Where can a baptism take place?

Baptism normally takes place in the parish church where you live and anyone can ask to be baptised at their local parish church. To find out which parish you live in put your postcode into A Church Near You.

Because the promises of baptism indicate a desire to be formed by the Christian faith, it is important there is a connection with the local church community. Baptism is not supposed to be an isolated event but part of a journey of faith in which worshipping in the church will be an important ingredient now and in the future. If you don’t live in the parish and have not begun to worship with us regularly please talk to our Rector who will explore the possibilities with you.

When does a baptism service take place?

In this parish baptisms of babies and young children normally take place once a month on a Saturday followed by a welcome to the church family at one of the main Sunday services. Two of three times a year baptism takes place during the main Sunday service. Adult baptisms are usually arranged in conjunction with preparation for confirmation and happen twice a year.

How much does a baptism cost?

There is no charge for a Christening service. You are welcome to come just as you are. However if you would like to make a financial gift to support the ongoing presence of All Saints church it is gratefully received.

So what next?

If you would like to explore this further please fill in the form below and come along one Sunday either to Children's Church or an All Age Communion service and introduce yourself to one of the clergy who will be pleased to meet you.

For older teenagers and adults enquirying about baptism please contact the Parish Office to arrange an informal conversation with a member of the clergy team.