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“Loughborough Church of England Primary School continues to be a good school”. This is the opening sentence of the inspector’s report, published on Monday, 3 July 2023.

She goes on to say:

“The school is a nurturing school”

“The school’s Christian values underpin everything…”

“Pupils enjoy learning and are eager to talk about what they know”

“Staff say the school is “like a supportive family”

“There is a strong safeguarding culture….”

“Pupils feel happy and safe….

“The school is well led and managed”

A quote from a pupil:

“My school is special because our teachers are accepting and supportive. Teachers always help you.”

Janine Stillwell, Head Teacher, comments:

“The inspection took place exactly six years to the day after the previous inspection. In that time we have battled through Covid lockdown, budget pressures and staff changes. Staff worked incredibly hard during the inspection process. Our children shone like stars throughout and the inspector was full of praise for them”.

As All Saints with Holy Trinity Foundation Governors we are delighted with the inspection outcome and would like to express our grateful thanks to the Head and to teachers, support staff, parents and children for the roles they have played in achieving this result. The school was complimented by the inspector in every area and provides a safe, happy and stimulating educational environment for all pupils.

Gwyn Bates

Jo Wilkinson

Howard Jones