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Kenneth Wilson will be performing at All Saints Parish Church on Saturday 13th July at 7pm. He will share stories and music from his journey from Hadrian's Wall to Rome. On a bike. With a cello.

You can book your tickets here.


Kenneth Wilson is a poet, a cellist and a dreamer. He is also an ex-vicar, failed property developer and reformed vegetarian who once ran an India travel company. He lives in a treehouse in rural Cumbria, where he plants trees and swims in a cold lake.

Now, as Highway Cello, he plays a wide variety of foot-tapping, tear-jerking music. The cello is abetted – sometimes subverted – by an arresting and acid poetical commentary.

Depending on the mood you might hear ancient Irish laments, James Bond, and croaking frogs; or cardinal sins, and sinning cardinals; uprisings against the English; slow boats and tango. Even a retelling of ancient Greek tragedy with a modern twist.

Kenneth Wilson plays the cello with a moving and sonorous passion. His poetry is funny and incisive and memorable.


Kenneth is the author of Highway Cello (City Village Books, March 2023), Orange Dust: Journeys after the Buddha (Blissfool Books, 2011) and a book of poetry, The Definitions of Kitchen Verbs (Ravenbridge Books, 2019).

There is a Highway Cello album of solo cello music to accompany the Highway Cello book. The album runs to 16 tracks of “gentle music for the road”, including Irish troubadour airs, solemn songs of political resistance, and cello classics like “The Swan”.

LISTEN to Highway Cello tracks here. WATCH video here. LISTEN to poetry here.