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Prayers of Love and Faith commended for use!

Prayers of blessing for same sex couples and other covenanted relationships have been commended for use. The Parochial Church Council (PCC – All Saints Governing Committee) welcome this step in the journey towards full acceptance of same-sex marriage in the Church of England. James Badger, Chair of the PCC, shared a notice about the prayers in November 2023.

It brings me much joy to share an encouraging update from our Parochial Church Council (PCC – All Saints Governing Committee), as was shared at the end of a Sunday service before Christmas. In keeping with our mission of nurturing a radically inclusive community centred on God's love, the PCC recently passed a motion affirming our commitment to acceptance and pastoral care for all people.

At our most recent meeting, the Parochial Church Council formally passed the motion below in support of greater inclusion:

‘This PCC notes the vote held at the November 2023 General Synod in relation to Living in Love and Faith and welcomes the amendment passed allowing the trial of experimental stand-alone services for same-sex couples. We regret that it has taken so long to reach this point.

All Saints with Holy Trinity is a committed member of the inclusive church network. We support All Saints with Holy Trinity to serve our parish by opting-in to offer services for same-sex couples when the House of Bishops takes the necessary steps, and the trial period opens.’

This decision comes in response to the progress made at November's General Synod regarding the "Living in Love and Faith" resources. These prayers and readings aim to provide the Church of England new avenues for offering blessings upon the relationships of our LGBTQ sisters and brothers and other forms of covenanted relationship.

As long-standing members of the Inclusive Church network, we at All Saints have actively campaigned for change enabling full acceptance and pastoral care for same-sex couples within the Church. We welcome this belated step by the Synod and stand prepared to incorporate services blessing same-sex unions pending approval.

The texts of the "Prayers of Love and Faith" are available at this link

We recognize that many parishioners may have questions regarding the meaning and implementation of these prayers. Please feel encouraged to get in touch or speak with the Churchwardens or a member of the ministry team after services to further discuss this update.

This decision moves us closer to the welcoming and inclusive church environment we strive for, thank you for your ongoing support and involvement in the journey.