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Ministers Muse

An advert for Ministers Muse. Four different preachers from four different contexts take a look at the scripture readings from Wil Gafney's Women's Lectionary

Revd Wendy is joined by three guests on a Tuesday lunch time to take a look at the bible readings coming up on Sunday.

With guests drawn from a variety of different backgrounds, experience and contexts this unscripted conversation between four preachers helps us to engage with the bible and the world around us and to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as we listen and engage with one another.

Passages this week are:

1 Kings 17.8-16

James 1.22-27

Luke 4.16-27

What really strikes us in what we are reading?

Where do we find challenge or comfort?

How is God speaking to us through these scriptures?

What kind of sermon might we preach or what kind of sermon would we like to hear?

Watch live via YouTube and join in the conversation via the comments or catch up later.