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Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have worked to give clear instructions responsively and sensitively, in order to care for our community and our most vulnerable members.

Our Approach to Covid

Following the spread of the new variant Omicron, we once again face a changing landscape with regards to the pandemic. For now we are maintaining our cautious and conscientious approach which prioritises protecting the vulnerable.

We believe that worship and a sacred space such as All Saints should be as accessible as possible, so whilst other social settings may still be taking a more relaxed approach, we shall continue with measures that enable everyone to feel able to attend a church service or to visit the historic parish church.

We are mindful that the vaccine and booster programme is still being rolled out. Whilst our ministry team, stewards and community have responded well to the call to be fully vaccinated and boosted we are aware there are those who can not be vaccinated, and that young children are still yet to receive vaccines.

Our PCC, wardens and myself are aware that lack of access to places of worship is incredibly difficult and lonely for many in our community. We hope that by maintaining a cautious approach, we can keep as many services available to you as is safe, and maintain a vital pastoral presence to those in need of this place of contact and peace.

Covid Measures at All Saints Services

Inclement weather (and more time inside) means we have seen a rise in case rates. We are very fortunate at All Saints to have such a large building that is naturally well ventilated which does give us the confidence to continue with services and opportunities for congregational singing. However we shall continue to seat people socially distanced and ask that everyone wears a face covering when in the building and when singing.

With the rise in cases we have reintroduced the cleaning of surfaces where necessary, and an emphasis has been placed on sanitising on entry and at intervals within the service.

For services including the Eucharist, we are currently receiving both bread and wine, but are not drinking from the common cup. We are instead using intinction and separate wafers to ensure the highest standard of hygiene possible.

The choir and those leading the service will continue to attend only after recording a negative lateral flow test prior to any service.

Online Services at All Saints

Since the first lock down our amazing AV team have endeavoured to stream as many services, on our youtube channel as possible. We have committed to continuing this, acknowledging that this has made our services available to individuals who missed out on church services for a variety of reasons, long before the pandemic. We hope this will continue to help those at home feel connected into our community still.

We also hope that this will encourage those who are feeling under the weather to watch from home if they are showing any symptoms.

Thank you for your care for each other, your patience and your support.

Reverend Wendy Dalrymple

Rector of All Saints with Holy Trinity

Get in Touch

If you wish to seek reassurance from our ministry team or have any queries about our current guidance, then please do get in touch with the Parish Office. If you wish to be kept informed about the upcoming events and any changes to services happening at All Saints then please consider signing up to our mailing list.

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